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Trustpoint Management Group-TX, LLC | Addison, TX

Revenue Growth Partner for Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Addison, and surrounding D/FW Metroplex areas

Grow Your Revenue with a Results-Driven Process

Providing live Sandler sales and leadership virtual training and reinforcement.

We deliver predictable, profitable revenue growth by making rapid process improvements in hiring, on-boarding and coaching leaders and individuals.

Are You Looking for Improved Sales Performance?

We believe driving positive results requires taking knowledge to application.

Why is Sales Performance Consulting so Important?

  1. Telling = Knowledge Training
  2. Asking Questions = Coaching
  3. Behavioral Change = Reinforcement Training

True professional growth comes from breaking out of comfort zones, which then translates into increased business performance.

Webinar: Pursuing Construction Relationships, Not Projects

November 10, 2020

Even in a bullish building market, margins are too low and pricing contention might be higher than ever.

That pricing contention turns into real contention and litigation on projects and the days of helping out your customer or your fellow contractor have largely gone away.

In this webinar designed for contractors and construction professionals, attendees will learn how to build that kind of business with the following key takeaways:

  • Choosing which projects to pursue and investing your valuable estimating resources wisely.
  • Decode the DNA of your best customers and learn how to identify and even create those traits in your customer base.
  • Getting paid what you are worth in a low-bid obsessed market.
  • Building a structure that attracts and grows talent within your organization so you can meet the staffing requirements needed in order to grow.

Our Process, Simplified.

1) The Introduction

Initial Evaluation and Assessment

Most often we begin with an assessment of the skills, strengths, and hidden weaknesses of the people in your organization responsible for driving revenue - whether it's your professional sales team, or your team of non-selling professionals - Attorneys, Engineers, CPAs, etc. It's also your Sales Managers, and even you if you play an active role in the day to day management of the sales operation.

2) Getting to Work

Ongoing, Individualized Training and Development

We utilize our proven sales and sales management training programs, as well as personal coaching, to maximize the professional growth of your team. We focus on the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques that make winners, create a consistent, effective sales methodology in your organization, and separate you from your competitors.

3) Driving Results

Continuous Reinforcement and Performance Tracking

Our competency-based approach to training takes your team and your managers through practice, application, and ownership of the skills and attitudes to truly master their profession. Continuous tracking of behaviors and performance is critical to the overall success of the program.

A few words from our TrustPoint Business Family ...

  • "Our organization saw great improvements in our sales team proficiency utilizing the Trustpoint Sandler training. We continue to use those skills today."
    Daniel, Sales Manager

  • "Learning the Sandler System through online learning, group training, and sales coaching has helped me truly become a sales professional, crush my goals, look and sound different from my competition."
    - Jeff, Inside Sales

  • "I have learned many things that can really improve my sales process and am confident that it will improve my business."
    - Venu, CEO & President

  • "So (Sandler) is a wonderful and fantastic tool. I also highly recommend putting some additional coaching alongside of it so that you have the ability to gut check some of the things that you're trying and really take advantage of the opportunity to tap into the coaching as well."
    - Deanna, Partner / Business Development

Why choose TrustPoint Management Group?

We're Known For Being:

While we recognize that every industry is different, Sandler training is transferable to any role, industry, culture, or sales cycle. That said, we're experienced with many industries such as IT Services, Manufacturing and Logistics, Information Technology, Professional and Financial Services, Hiring / Recruiting, Construction & Building Materials, Medical Sales, Channel Sales, Call Centers, and Enterprise Selling.

Smart businesses choose TrustPoint Management Group because our training has provided increased ROI for more than 20 years. Did we mention we've been providing virtual training for clients across the country for over 5 years?

A Message for Business Leaders

TrustPoint Management Group provides sales training for Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Fort Worth, and surrounding D/FW metroplex areas.