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Trustpoint Management Group-TX, LLC | Addison, TX

Customer Success Solutions

Increasing and expanding customer engagement

Customer Success managers face many challenges

🔸 Understanding and delivering on customer goals and expectations

🔸 Too little or infrequent customer interactions

🔸 Ill-equipped to increase conversions and retention ratios

🔸Finding cross-sell or upsell opportunities


The expectations of the customer success team is to manage our most valuable relationships day to day. Do they have the right mindset, consistent behavior plan and techniques to succeed?


Objectives of the Sandler Customer Success Program

  • Expand executive contacts and influencers within key accounts
  • Provide effective ways to build value throughout the lifecycle of an account including best practices for running QBRs
  • Build the mindset and confidence for developing relationships so the customer understands the value of working with the CSM
  • Understand how to deal more effectively with difficult customers to have an acceptable outcome

Move from Customer Service to Customer Success

Expand Accounts 🔸 Focus on Sales as an Extension of Service

customer success

Do you foster an environment and culture where Customer Success Managers proactively look for new ways to help customers instead of selling?

The combination of the right mindset, training and coaching will help you move from Customer Service to Customer Success

A Complimentary 15-minute Session

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