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What kind of salesperson should you always be on the lookout for? What specific traits does the ideal sales hire always possess, no matter what industry you’re in, and no matter what your market looks like? What does someone who consistently supports a rapid-growth sales culture on your team look like?

Mike Montague interviews Pat McManamon on How to Succeed at Being an Intentional Sales Manager.

Tom’s best customer, Meg, called and asked for a favor: “Can you talk to my new assistant Karen about getting up to speed with your software? She’s got a couple of questions that I don’t have time to answer.”

We’ve all heard the sobering statistics that winning a new major account costs far more than keeping one – depending on the study you read, perhaps twenty times as much. And we’ve all heard how even a small increase in a firm’s overall major client retention rate has an exponentially positive effect on revenues and profits. We also know, of course, that, on the flip side, decreases in retention rates produce similarly negative impacts, often devastating and long-lasting.

Most professionals scoff when I tell them that their best referrals come from their best clients, “Of course they do, the most satisfied customer is the one most likely to give a referral.” However, they are missing part of the equation.

Mike Montague interviews Doug Cohen on How to Succeed at The First 30 Seconds of a Prospecting Call. 


Kickstart 2020 right by learning Sandler Sales Training Principles that disrupt sales inefficiencies and achieve predictable sales results.

This is a waste of time,” exclaimed Greg late Wednesday afternoon.

Purple squirrels are things that people throw into a meeting that has nothing to do with the topic. They are always a distraction from the real purpose of the meeting. Sometimes this is done on purpose but more often than not, it's genuinely something that someone wants to cover without considering the appropriateness of the topic for a specific meeting. And it's not limited to sales people, sales leaders often introduce their own purple squirrels into meetings.

Mike Montague interviews Wayne Dehn on How to Succeed at Overcoming Childhood Messages.