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Trustpoint Management Group-TX, LLC | Addison, TX

The Sandler Virtual Sales Training Fast-Track Program

We're pivoting our in-person 3-Day Sales Training Bootcamp into a LIVE virtual training experience for Sales Teams and individual Sales Professionals. Our public program kicks off on February 20!

Position your business for revenue generation during this virtual sales environment.

Leverage our team's 30+ years of Sandler experience to position your team for success.

  • 8 highly engaging online training sessions
  • 2 two hour sessions a week over 4 weeks
  • Led by LIVE instructors via Zoom
  • Role-play in real-time with LIVE partners
  • Get your sales questions & obstacles answered by sales professionals

Curious, but want to talk and explore options?

Sandler Works!

The numbers prove it.

Sandler Training works info graphics.

Sandler-trained salespeople  close more sales, more quickly, profitably, and consistently than any other training. - Aberdeen Group Research

Are you ready to invest in yourself or your team?

Your investment in training now will set you up for success both now and on an ongoing basis.

Virtual Training is not new to TrustPoint Management Group.

We've been providing virtual sales training for over 10 years.

Who Should Attend?

Salespeople, Sales Managers, Senior Leaders, Business Owners, and anyone else involved in the selling process who might be:

  • Looking for modern sales strategies to help them in times of crisis
  • Lacking control during the selling process
  • Experiencing longer and longer sales cycles
  • Frustrated with being marginalized on price
  • Tired of getting "think-it-overs"
  • Doing more unpaid consulting (or demos) instead of selling
  • Wanting to increase sales and profits in 2024

How It Works:

  • 4 weeks - Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • July 9, 2024 - August 1, 2024
  • Live training with facilitated Breakout Role-play sessions
  • Daily homework assignments to extend the learning experience

Your Trainers

Karl Graf, Founder & CEO

Is Now the Time to Invest in Your Success?

Enrolling in our virtual training program now also comes packaged with in-person training in the future!

Your training investment will provide you immediate access to:

  • 4-Week Virtual Sandler Foundations Boot Camp Training Program

  • 8 two-hour LIVE interactive formatted sessions

  • 90-Day Access to weekly LIVE Virtual Sales Mastery Session

  • 10-Week guided Sandler Online Curriculum Follow Up Foundations Course

  • Proprietary Electronic Sandler Support Materials

Enrollment is Now Available!

Submit the form below and a member of our team will be in contact soon.

We know times have been tough, so we are offering limited-time discount offers for the Fast Track program. Registration received before July 1 will receive an option of a 40% discount special for individuals or 50% for groups of two or more. Financing options are also available.

Don't Lose All These Bonuses!

4-Week Virtual Sandler Foundations Boot Camp Training Program

90-Day Access To Weekly Virtual Sales Mastery Sessions

10-Week Guided Sandler Online Curriculum Follow Up Foundations Course 

Proprietary Electronic Sandler Support Materials