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Trustpoint Management Group-TX, LLC | Addison, TX

Virtual Selling Series

The New Rules of Selling

Traditional methods of face-to-face selling, trade shows, and networking events have shifted... have you adapted? How do you keep moving, filling, and closing your pipeline in a virtual selling world?

The Sales World is Changing Dramatically

Are you ready to take on this new challenge?

Our Virtual Selling Series is for those who are struggling to develop or want to improve their virtual selling process. We have packaged the essential concepts for virtual selling into three one-hour webinars to rapidly pivot your sales organization into a new mindset with new skills. We’ve done all the work... just plug in and start learning.

virtual selling

Topics include:

  • Welcome to Inside Sales

    > We’re All ‘Inside Sales’ Now

  • Prospecting - Filling the Pipeline

    > Determining the Right Prospecting Behaviors
    > The 30-Second Commercial
    > No Pressure Phone Prospecting

  • Building the Right Mindset for Prospecting
  • Qualifying the Pipeline – Keys to Getting a Prospect to “Yes” or “No”

    > Questioning Strategies to Keep the Deal on Track
    > Finding the Real Needs of the Prospect

  • Closing and Growing Accounts
  • Virtual Key Account growth

In the new modern economy, every sales opportunity counts. Learn more about the virtual selling program.