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Trustpoint Management Group-TX, LLC | Addison, TX

Webinar: Pursuing Construction Relationships, Not Projects

We’ve spoken with companies in the private commercial and multifamily building industry over the past 6 months and we are hearing you loud and clear: the industry is buying the wrong way and projects are suffering for it.

Even in a bullish building market, margins are too low and pricing contention might be higher than ever. That pricing contention turns into real contention and litigation on projects and the days of helping out your customer or your fellow contractor have largely gone away.

Meanwhile, every company is able to list their best relationships aloud and they wish all of their customers acted the way their best do. We learned something incredible: it is possible to build the kind of business you want, profitably and without the kind of contention that’s endemic in the industry at large.

In this webinar designed for contractors and construction professionals, attendees will learn how to build that kind of business with the following key takeaways:

  • Choosing which projects to pursue and investing your valuable estimating resources wisely.
  • Decode the DNA of your best customers and learn how to identify and even create those traits in your customer base.
  • Getting paid what you are worth in a low-bid obsessed market.
  • Building a structure that attracts and grows talent within your organization so you can meet the staffing requirements needed in order to grow.


November 10, 2020
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


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Karl Graf

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