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Customer service is not something only done in a call center. Every front line employee that interacts with customers shapes the customer care experience.

A fortune is spent by companies on building brand awareness, advertising, and training sales people to win new business. Yet, the simple philosophy of outstanding customer service is often ignored.

Your best salesperson is often your administrators, technical leads, or service professionals. Yet, we frequently pay little attention to the impact they have on clients.

A recent experience highlighted this painfully.

I booked a car with a car rental company I have never used before because they had a convenient location for me to pick up a vehicle. The desk staff seemed to find me invisible despite a three to one ratio of employees to staff. After flagging down their attention it took three calls to find my reservation and locate the car I had selected.

Conversely, I’ve had great customer care from my preferred car rental company. They always ask what time I will arrive to pick up the car. I am greeted quickly with my paperwork pre-filled out, I sign the receipt, and my car is waiting out front.

The competition had a chance to make me rethink using my preferred rental car company because they were not available in the area I traveled to. Instead of challenging the competition, they reinforced my loyalty to them. The entire process took over a half hour where my preferred car rental company has me in and out in about 5 minutes.

No matter how accomplished the call center is they never got an opportunity to improve my experience because the service was so poor. Even if I did call to complain, they would be unlikely to lure me back the next time I'm in need of a rental car.

What does it take to provide great customer care? It’s not difficult. Be an ACE.

  • Attentive – Make that person feel wanted and appreciated. Listen and make sure you understand their needs.
  • Cheerful – A smile or positive attitude goes a long way to making customers feel welcome and provides good initial bonding.
  • Efficient – Respond quickly, show people you want their business.

Smart companies make it their philosophy to build this into their company culture, ensuring it is repeatable and consistent across all staff. So, look at your staff, are they providing great customer care? Do you realize how important a role all customer facing employees play as ambassadors for your company, or do you leave it to chance?


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