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"Moments of Truth" seems to be a catch phrase in customer service these days.  It’s referring to that moment when the customer makes a connection to you, your product, or your company and your relationship with them builds.

Take this example:  Recently a Sandler client took her father to a big box store to make a purchase.  A group of employees stood talking to each other, ignoring customers.  A different employee recognized the situation, came over to help, asked questions, walked them through the product choices, pointed out some benefits the customer wasn’t aware of, offered the sale price that actually didn’t start until the following day, and carried it out to the car for them.  They were ecstatic.  Where was the Moment of Truth in this transaction?

Well, it started with the employee recognizing the lack of attention and providing it.  Focusing in on a customer who’s feeling forgotten is a huge Moment of Truth. Next, the employee lived up to the credibility debrief by knowing her products and asking the right questions. And finally, being flexible enough to be able to offer tomorrow’s sale price today saved the customer another trip. Bingo.

These “Moments of Truths” resulted in a completely thrilled customer. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, just good treatment by caring people.


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