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I was recently visiting a client’s office where there were some unusual posters on the walls of their lunch room. All around the room, at eye level were the results of their monthly customer care surveys. Each month was represented by the results of a quick ‘Likert’ survey completed by customers. A Likert survey is a simple, ‘on a scale of 0 through 5, 0 being not at all satisfied and 5 being completely satisfied’. The survey asked: how would you rate your experience with our company? There were 4 or 5 simple questions of this type in their survey. I was completely awed by what I saw because, in my mind, it was bold and revolutionary!

What it said to me was that this company more than asked their customers about their experience; they took the feedback very seriously. They tracked how their people were performing through the results of the survey and strove for continuous improvement in their relationship with their customers. They posted results in a place where all employees could see the results and take pride in their efforts, or re-double their efforts if they fell short. In short, they took customer care seriously and built an action plan around it.

Surveying alone does not make for great customer care. If it doesn’t come with employee training, coaching, mentoring, reinforcement and rewards – in short, all the things that make up a customer-centric organization – it is a paper tiger. But with a Likert survey, combined with a powerful customer care culture, they’re headed toward ‘best in class’, and a very loyal customer base.


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