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Thought Leadership and Event Updates for Business Leaders in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson, and surrounding areas.

A Decade Without a Recession

Can you believe we've gone a decade without a recession?

Karl Graf shares some thoughts on the economy and your business success.

Invest two minutes to watch this video as Karl Graf, TrustPoint Founder & CEO, discusses the two recessions he's worked through and why now's the time to invest in your sales organization while times are good.

Ready to invest in your businesses success?

For Business Leaders:
Leadership for Organizational Excellence kicks off on Thursday, February 6. Learn More

For Sales Teams:
Our next 3-Day Sandler Sales Bootcamp is January 21-23. Learn More

Most Sales Training Fails

Karl's Talking Points

In this video Karl discusses the importance of the Adult Learning Model to create behavioral change.

We invite you to spend two minutes to learn why Karl felt it important to make this bold statement, given that TrustPoint Management Group is in the Sales Training business.

Does it make sense to schedule a Discovery Call to learn if your company could benefit from learning how to take training to knowledge to application and affect change on your bottom line?

January 2020 3-Day Sales Bootcamp

Does your sales team need an adrenaline shot?

What are the benefits of in-person Sales Bootcamp training?

Knowledge: Learn a systematic approach to success, regardless of industry or organizational size.

Application: Interactive role-play to equip you with the core principles of the powerful Sandler Selling System.

Reinforcement: Ten additional weeks of Sandler Sales curriculum delivered through Sandler Online to reinforce your training experience.

Growth: We're in it with you for the long haul, partnering to achieve long-term success for your organization.

Jack Welch Discusses Candor in the Workplace

Former chairman of General Electric tells audience to foster honest feedback: "If you reward candor, you'll get it."

Karl Graf Discusses the Importance of Candor

A recent message from an Organizational Excellence event at the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce. Learn More