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Sales Tips & Insights

Sandler sales tips and insights

Who We Are

TrustPoint Management Group

TrustPoint Management's Sales and Leadership Programs are designed to set a plan and approach through a playbook for success.

Tina Phillips

Customer Care - What Do Customers Really Want?

Tina Phillips explains critical items that clients typically want and some strategies to ensure you deliver.

Karl Graf

Sales Management Cookbooks

Karl explains how the management cookbook provides an outline to drive sales management effectiveness.

Tina Phillips

On the Frontlines

Tina explains how the frontline can be relationship builders when they serve as professional communicators.

Karl Graf

Competency of Sales

Karl explains the key competencies that interviewers should identify when hiring sales people.

Tina Phillips

Building Relationships Through Networking

Tina explains how to gauge the impact of networking on your business and some prerequisites of realizing networking's potential.

Karl Graf

Business Development Language

Karl explains how professionals that perform highly in business development situations use a common vocabulary.

Tina Phillips

Prospecting Attitude

Tina explains how an appropriate prospecting attitude can frame prospecting activities in a realistic manner and improve results.

Karl Graf

Top 5 Common Business Development Problems

Karl discusses the Top 5 Business Development Problems.

Karl Graf

The 5 "Must's" in Sales Management

Karl discusses the 5 "Must's" in Sales Management:

1 - Identify Key Performance Indicators
2 - Coaching
3 - Motivation
4 - Know Your People
5 - Recruiting

Karl Graf

Sandler Rule #2: Don't Spill Your Candy in the Lobby

Karl Graf explains Sandler Rule #2: "Don't Spill Your Candy in the Lobby." See how we help sales forces achieve maximum results.