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Trustpoint Management Group-TX, LLC | Addison, TX



Great way to catch a glimpse

This training session is a great way to catch a glimpse of the Sandler Training program in action and discuss with a group the sales issues they are faced with.

We offer a variety of different training programs at our Dallas and Fort Worth TX training centers. On select days, we invite guests to sit in on our renowned President's Club, Strategic Management Solutions, or Strategic Customer Care on-going sales and personal development training programs.

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Who Should Attend?

Owners, Executives, Sales Managers, and Sales Professionals who are...

  • Feeling uneasy about the lack of qualified prospects that are in their pipeline
  • Spending time developing proposals that do not turn into business
  • Wasting time with unqualified prospects
  • Frustrated with managing a sales force that’s not meeting goals
  • Tired of hiring salespeople that won’t prospect
  • Frustrated by not having a consistent sales process
  • Getting ‘think-it-overs’ instead of closing

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