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Webinar: 6 Keys to Forecast Sales Accuracy

Has your forecast accuracy suffered as a result of market conditions or sales disruptions?


Updated guidance on forecasting in the midst of a pandemic

If you want to improve your forecasting process then it’s critical to track forecast accuracy. It is only by measuring and monitoring performance that your team can assess how well it is doing, understand what is and isn’t working, and identify where it can improve the process.

Now that we are well immersed in the current crisis and have a better understanding of how businesses have been impacted. We will provide an overview of the methods and techniques that can help you generate more accurate forecasts as we enter a “new normal”.

This engagement is designed specifically for President, CEO’s, Business Owners, and VP of Sales. You'll learn:

  • Forecasting approach profiles for several business categories that have been successfully used during other business disruptions.
  • Review the methods that are best suited to each industry.
  • Demonstrate ideal approaches using real-world examples.


February 25, 2021
10:00 AM - 10:55 AM


Free with advance registration

Presented By

Karl Graf

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