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There’s never a simple answer for how to manage a successful team – it’s not a one-solution problem. The complexities of your team require a methodology and process – no good comes from sporadically implementing random systems.

We’re here to elevate leaders and build teams that deliver

As a leader, you have a responsibility to support your company with decisions that make a difference long-term.

When you don’t have the expertise from within your organization, there are proven resources.

To accurately analyze your situation and make intellectually-based decisions about the health of your organization requires the objective perspective from a third party—a Sandler consultant.

Do you have a process for effective management that produces results and profits?


Master the gut-wrenching ordeals of leadership.

The strength and reputation of a business is determined by its people. To grow and sustain your business, you rely on your people to build and maintain a foundation from which to generate sales and profits, deliver products and services, and provide an excellent customer experience. But, those outcomes can only be accomplished if you have the right people with the right skills, habits, and ways of thinking in the right positions performing the right tasks. 

Get measurable results.

When you become Sandler-certified, you have access to measurable results at every step of the training process. Your progress is documented from competent through proficient to sales mastery.

Leadership Development Training for D/FW Business Owners & Leaders

Leadership for Organizational Excellence

Excellence is a Direction, not a Destination.

Our Leadership for Organizational Excellence program makes organizational excellence the basis of your company's long-term growth plan. The program, which has been tested and proven across multiple industries, works because it is a sequential, continuous, repeating process.

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Sandler's model shapes teams into an effective and efficient sales machine.



Do you have a solid sales strategy to penetrate the market place and achieve the goals set for the team? Do you have a plan? When a general wants to win the war, the desire to win is a goal, but the plan is the strategy for the army to achieve the goal.

  • How are you preparing your army?
  • What are the tools they use?
  • Is the strategy that you’re using now going to work in the future? Is it the right strategy?

Logically think about the strategy for the team you have now, not a team you had in the past or a team you want in the future. Strategize for the team you have now. Putting a strategy in place takes time, but how much time is it compared to the time it takes to clean up the mess or put out fires of operating ad-hoc?



Do you have the roles necessary to execute the strategy? Perhaps you have always had account managers, and now you need to grow, so it’s no longer about maintaining; now it’s about hunting. Do you need new or different roles? What types of sales roles do you need?

  • Is everyone speaking the same language?
  • Is everyone being managed the same?
  • Are you leaving good salespeople to their own devices and hoping they’ll do well?

It is critical to manage your whole team based on a sole structure, and your whole sales team is working on the same system – if everyone is selling differently, you will end up managing every unique selling system. How much time does that waste? Be efficient: everyone should speak the same language.



When you have the structure in place, you need to ask yourself if you are maximizing their potential. If there’s a gap, are you hiring the right people? Do you understand their individual competencies? Ask yourself:

  • What are their strengths and how do you help with their individual performances?
  • How are you training your staff?
  • If you go to training, is that enough, or does your team need training?
  • If you did train them in the past, was it implemented?
  • Did you and your team retain it? Was it taken to the field?

Each person is tuned differently. Most managers will manage on mass problems they see across the table – but don’t get caught in that trap. It may be more time consuming, but more effective, to train and coach individually. Don’t lose the opportunity to focus on each person. Sales managers often operate in survival mode and then turn into “super salesperson” – going in to close for their salesperson when they’re struggling. Don’t become a crutch for your salesperson. You can’t close all the business.



These are the tools that your team has and the competencies they develop – the techniques they have to better equip themselves to differentiate from the competition. For those who golf, think of it this way: when you get frustrated, it’s all about the golf club. You change your club depending on the shot and which tool will be the best fit. But professional equipment isn’t the only factor in a successful shot. It’s also about how you use the tool. You have a shiny new driver, but will you use it to score a hole-in-one? Just because you have the best tool doesn’t mean you’re the best with it – skills bridge the gap.

Do your people perform and behave differently than the competition? Do they get thrown into the same pool as everyone else? It’s our responsibility to elevate them and separate them. This is an ongoing journey – our sales team members need to practice or they will get rusty or lose it. Perhaps they have the tool on the shelf, but under pressure, do they have the skill to pull it out and execute? Reinforcement training keeps skills sharp, so when they need them, they don’t have to go back and relearn them. Continue to work on skills with your sales people - keep tweaking and improving. Revisit and hone the skills continually.

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