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In regard to the world and relationships with others, change is the natural order of things. Day becomes night. Winter transitions to spring. Memory cards have replaced photographic film. Ipods have replaced CD players. E-books are now replacing paper books. Relationships we have with some people deepen and mature. . . others grow distant.

We accept that everything is constantly changing. Yet, many people refuse to accept that premise in one crucial area of their lives -- their attitudes about themselves and their abilities. Have you ever thought something like, "I know I could get so much more accomplished if I could only get organized and stay focused on one thing at a time . . . but, I'll never get organized; that's just the way I am?"

Perhaps staying focused is not your challenge; maybe you believe that you need to be more comfortable interacting with large groups, or you need to be more computer literate, or you need to have more passion for your work.

If you truly believe that you'll never become more comfortable interacting with large groups, or you'll never be able to enhance your computer skills, or you'll never find reasons to be more passionate about your work because "that's just the way I am," then why would you try?

If you haven't been able to change by now, you'll never be able to. Right? Wrong!

Everything changes... and so can you.

But, every time you say or think "that's just the way I am," you build an artificial barrier keeping you from what you want, and you reinforce the notion that everything changes ... BUT YOU! To make matters worse, there are plenty of well- meaning friends, family members, and colleagues who unintentionally help reinforce the barrier. They tell you, for instance, "Don't worry about it. Only geeks understand computers."

You have a choice. You can do nothing and continue to believe, "That' s just the way I am," and deny the fundamental principle that everything changes . . . INCLUDING YOU. Or, you can knock down the barrier and get your life moving in more positive, productive, and rewarding directions.

No amount of physical strength, however, will knock down the barrier. It will take something much stronger. It will take a shift in your attitude; a shift in your way of thinking; and most importantly, a shift in your beliefs. A shift from "It's just the way I am" to "Everything changes . . . and so can I."


Julie Wakefield is a Dallas-based business protocol and etiquette expert that directs the Sandler for Young Adults Program. Julie is passionate about helping young people reach their full potential in life.


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