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On a recent trip this summer, I engaged a tour guide on the wonderful customer service I had encountered in the area. What is it, I asked, that makes everyone so welcoming and attentive?

"You see, he replied, 50% of the population of this area is directly employed by tourism. If it wasn’t for tourists, our entire area would be in a very sorry financial state indeed."

It struck me that this was a man who knew exactly where, not only his paycheck, but his health care, his transportation infrastructure, and his children’s schooling came from. He was acutely aware that he had a very good job and he was grateful for that job.   While it is true that his area has wonderful attractions, what will draw many tourists back are the people who cared that they were there, and treated them that way.

Do most business have that attitude about customer service? Unfortunately many companies view customer service as a necessity to operate a business and nothing more.  It's uncommon for customer service to be viewed as a true differentiator in the marketplace.  Tourist dependent areas often view customer service as the lifeblood for their survival because ongoing revenue streams depend on their hospitality.  Draw that direct line from service to the health of your company and to your way of life, and you'll find customers will go out of their way to return to you.

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