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How can asking for an order end a sale?  After all isn’t that the only way to have a customer buy?  The answer is yes and no.  Even when you think that a customer will or should buy, there is a subtlety to approaching the order  in a way that is comfortable for customers.

Here are a few common ways to ask for the order:

  • “Let me get the papers and have you sign them."
  • “Should I write up the contract?”
  • “What should I put you down for?”

What’s your reaction to these questions?  Most people find themselves feeling pressured and then defensive.  Even though the language is not aggressive, the connotation is, “It’s time to buy, are you in or out.”  This puts pressure on buyers because they feel they are being coerced into making a decision.  This causes buyers to resist the suggestion to buy and they usually start creating stalls and objections.

Don’t ask for the order.  Every time you ask for the order you create a headwind.  The more of a headwind the prospect faces, the more likely it is that they’ll turn away.  As they become more averse to buying they make a mental turn away from the idea of buying. Further requests for the order becomes a tailwind whisking them away from your suggestions.

Rather then creating an obstacle that only the most ideal buyer will work to overcome, don’t ask for the sale.  Let the buyer come to you.  Once you’ve understood why the buyer could benefit from your product or service and have illustrated those advantages to the prospect, let them decide to buy.  Try a simpler less intrusive question such as, “Well, now that we’ve discussed how this might suit your needs, what should we do now?”  Of course all prospects won’t blurt out, “Let’s sign the order,” however it does get them driving the conversation.  If they still have questions or concerns, they’ll voice them.  If something was missed in the conversation that will hold up the sale, they’ll expound on that.  And if they are ready to buy they will likely ask to complete the sale without any cajoling to make them second guess that decision.


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