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On the front lines, our days are a series of conversations with both customers and internal partners. Choosing our words typically comes naturally, without much thought. We may choose our tonality carefully, but often don't consider the actual words we're using.

It's amazing to me the difference a word can make. And yet how much energy do any of us put towards choosing our words? Think about the difference between using the words: "and" and "but". The word "and" creates expansive, inviting energy. The word "but" creates negative, narrow energy. Try replacing all your "buts" with "ands" and see how your power increases.

By listening carefully, we can often pick up on words and phrases used by our customer. Obviously these words and phrases mean something to them, so why not use them (sparingly) in our own speech? I once had a client who, to show agreement, would say: 'That works for me'. This phrase meant something to him. Wouldn't it make sense for me to ask, when looking for confirmation, 'Will that work for you?'

It's a small thing, but any improvement we can make in our communications with customers results in stronger, more lasting relationships.


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