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Using social media for customer service management is a relatively new concept but one that has really caught on. Like most technological advances there are some ways to use social media that are highly effective and provide your costumers with just what they want. At the same time, there are some ways that are irritating for both the business and the customers. Knowing how to design a comprehensive approach to using social media starts with having a good idea of what you are trying to accomplish.

Social media for customer service management can include different networks and different sites. Combining the social networking sites that have the biggest impact on your business is essential, which means understanding which customers to target and reach. Keep in mind that the major benefit of these sites is that your information will not only reach the person you are contacting, but also all the people within their network as well. The major networks that are used in customer relationship management, or CRM, include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, there are also smaller industry or interest specific social media networks to consider. Smaller social networking sites may not provide as much overall exposure, but they do allow you to target your posts to specific groups.

Although many people use social networking sites strictly for social interactions, there is a growing trend within the industry to use this as a highly interactive, informative channel for customers and clients. Not only can these sites reach current customers but it literally opens up new options for clients. Posts and tweets get forwarded and shared among users and followers that simply would never have seen the information before.

Twitter is a fast-paced, immediate way to provide information to anyone interested in new developments and services, company products, and even articles and news reports. With the option to create specific categories or areas of posts--known as Tweets--businesses can respond immediately to what customers are requesting. This can include sharing relevant information, providing links to your website or even reaching out to businesses that compliment or enhance the product or service you are selling. Surprisingly it really isn't time intensive to set up specific platforms that allow you to monitor, respond and keep on top of what your customers are interested in.

Facebook is perhaps the best known of the options for social media for customer service management. This site allows you to create company pages that provide information as well as actively participate in discussions and information sharing. You will also learn more about your customers. This can include the possibility of joint business ventures, partnerships in promoting products or services as well as increased professional networking opportunities.

LinkedIn is a professional based social networking site. There are groups and categories of discussion that are open for members to join that relate to their profession, personal interest or areas of expertise. Establishing a profile on LinkedIn allows you to communicate and interact with those that have already expressed interest in your product or service. You can also become actively involved in debates while providing information to others in the group. Many LinkedIn groups are now open, allowing your comments and posts to show up on search engine results, further enhancing your professional exposure online.

The use of social media for customer service management is becoming more evident and active with the social networking. These sites allow you to promote your business while also effectively interacting with current customers and prospective clients.

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