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Trustpoint Management Group-TX, LLC | Addison, TX

In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

Sean Sendelbach

Sean Sendelbach explains how working with TrustPoint Management Group helped him become the top producer for his company and meet his personal and professional goals.

"Even a few brief conversations with Karl was enough for him to provide me with some powerful suggestions to increase our sales performance. He immediately understood our specific sale team challenges and made a simple, yet effective suggestion the resulted in a dramatic increase in sales performance for those that participated in a sales pilot program. Just spend a brief conversation discussing his approach to your sales staff "IR" and "head trash" and it will change the way you hire and train sales staff to ensure success. Imagine how Karl's training and management programs can lead your company to future success.

Marcus McCue | VP of Sales | Guardian Mortgage Company, Inc

Shawn McBride

Shawn McBride explains how learning the Sandler System made selling less mysterious for his law firm and how that helped them define a repeatable process.

"We retained Sandler Training & TrustPoint Management Group; after a sales boot camp. From that 2 day experience I was impressed that the concepts would connect the dots in a business like nothing I'd ever seen. It does! The hesitation to hire a company like TrustPoint comes from concern that they won't understand our business, won't understand our people, and it will be a waste of money similar to those that I've experienced before. We have all been exposed to so many gimmicks that put our guard up to protect against embarrassment. I think most business owners don't have this problem but I didn't know how to take my team to a higher level of communication and real gut level teamwork. Now we are going there. We will be a client for years."

Mark Cook | CSI | President | 800.654.5635

Mary Necessary

Mary Necessary explains how TrustPoint challenges her to become better and helped establish systems for consistent business development.

"I have experienced more growth in sales strategy and technique in the last 18 months working with Karl than I have in the prior 10 years. If you have the guts to be honest with yourself and with your organization and aren't afraid to grow Karl can help you take your sales team and company to the next level."

Alan Neill | Vice President | Business Development | BRG, Dallas

Jennifer Schmeil

Jennifer Schmeil explains how setting a process for sales and customer service allows for team and personal success.

"If you want to strengthen relationships with your clients, I recommend Karl Graf as the person to take you to the level of success needed in this economic uncertainty." Whether you are in Sales Management or Association Management, and want to increase your client base or membership base, Karl can put you on course. We had the pleasure of having Karl speak at our meeting in the Fall for DFWAE ( Dallas/ Fort Worth Association Executives) and I can say that all of our members took something away with us that day. Thank you Karl for being a part of our program.

Audrey Baker | Program Chair | DFWAE

Truman Blocker

Truman Blocker explains how he got started with Sandler Training by TrustPoint Management Group and how its client centric focus helps improve relationships and strengthen his business.

"Before meeting Karl and attending his sales training classes, I struggled with trying to develop my sales skills by reading books, listening to CDs, and talking to sales people. I found a number of golden nuggets along the way. But there was not a congruent overall system that pulled all of this together. And worse, many of their ideas were completely contradictory to each other ... leading me to question what was real and what would be most effective. But now that I've joined his training program, it all makes sense. Karl and his team are truly great sales trainers, as well as a great group of people to work with. His training classes are excellent, and I've been really surprised at how they've gone the extra mile with me on numerous one-on-one sessions. I think that anyone serious about improving their sales skills and bottom-line results should be working with Karl and his team."

Jim Seaborg | CEO-Software Company | Dallas

"It has it has been a joy to work with you and learn from you and I've already shared with my new team that Sandler has been an AMAZING resource for mission based selling."

Diana Rivas-Smith | Vice President, Member Engagement | Dallas Regional Chamber

"The Sandler training course was a great resource to really understand all the different aspects that go into a sales role. This course helped to open my eyes to new techniques, and sharpen ones that I already use. This will be very useful in my career moving forward. Karl did a great job explaining each of the different techniques and showing us how to use them in constant role play. It is very helpful to see the techniques being used so that I can recognize the same situations in my own conversations customers."

Technology Industry

"One of my biggest fears in my transition to a new industry was being seen as a cheesy salesman. This training has not only changed my perspective of what sales is, but given me the confidence to walk into a meeting, knowing that I can get the deal over the line without being pushy, overwhelming, or cheesy."

Financial Services Industry

"Karl is the best I've ever worked with. But beware, he's a coach not a cheerleader. You better be ready to grow!"

William Pearce

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