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WalkedIN: Prospect & Appointment Setting

Set qualified meetings with target accounts.

Increase the number of meetings Company sales associates set with qualified prospects.

Sales associates that embrace this training can expect to set qualified meetings with target accounts at rates significantly higher than their historical performance. 

  • Do most of your networking meetings go well, but you rarely get introductions to new prospects?
  • Have you spent years developing a strong network of friends and partners, but don’t know how to maximize it.
  • Do your clients love you and are happy to be referral source for you, but you don’t know how to get them to make introductions for you.
  • Do you find that cold solicitation (email, LinkedIn, phone) are becoming harder to generate meetings…would you like to know bout an easier and better way?

If this program is followed, improved appointment setting performance across the board will be experienced from each sales associate, independent of geography, tenure, or existing network.

  • Year 1 – 70% of your networking meetings will generate in an introduction to your ideal prospect (year 2 - 80%, year 3 - 90%)
  • Your pipeline will grow exponentially faster than its current growth rate, even during a pandemic.
  • Your network of trusted relationships will happily start walking you in the door to your prospects.
  • You’ll be kicking yourself for not having used this method your entire sales career.


December  1 & 3, 2020
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Program Outline

The WalkedIn sales training program is for a group of selected sales associates who will be given hands on prospecting training over 2 half-day sessions in DFW.

Attendees will receive reinforcement training and coaching after the event

  • Month 1 - Weekly
  • Month 2 - Bi Weekly
  • Month 3 - Monthly

Presented By

Karl Graf

Is Now the Time to Invest in Your Success?

Criteria for acceptance into WalkedIn program

  • Commitment to local and corporate leadership to hold his/herself accountable to the activity goals set forth in the training.


    Each sales associate will be given an achievable goal of “X intentional meetings” (as defined during the training) per week over the next 90 days. The number of meetings may differ for each sales associate, based on bandwidth or other factors; however, we will agree on a reasonable goal and commit to that goal.

  • Mandatory participation on group conference calls with the entire WalkedIn sales associate team.


    We anticipate these group calls to be 30-60 minutes and they will be weekly for the month following the training program, and move to bi-weekly or monthly thereafter. Calls are intended to share activity and results, highlight early successes, best practices, and case studies. Individual coaching calls can be scheduled as needed.

  • Must have an active LinkedIn Sales Navigator license.



  • Healthy Linked-In existing network.


    Ideally 500+ connection where you know at least half of them. We can analyze your network in advance of acceptance into the program to determine fit.

Are you ready to invest in yourself or your team?

Your investment in training now will set you up for success both now and when things open up!

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Anticipated Initial Class Size

8-10 sales associates

Class will be capped at 20 participants


$995.00 ($795.00 if registered by Nov. 10)

Current & Past TrustPoint Clients: $595.00

Includes content for full day workshop, tool kit to take home for each trainee, ongoing accountability calls and coaching for 90 days following the training.

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