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There's no substitute for personal attention. Humans want eye contact, they want one-on-one time, and they want other people to pay attention to them.

Unfortunately many sales leaders violate this desire for individualized attention by defaulting to managing a team rather than a group of individuals.

Prospecting is the lifeblood of a successful sales career... but many salespeople overlook the basic behaviors that support a consistent prospecting routine. Here are the five necessary behaviors professional salespeople need in order to become successful at prospecting.

Learn how to find a mentor and make the most of the relationship. Nema talks about the right relationship and how to grow together in the mentor-mentee dynamic.

 Learn how to get commitments and be strong throughout the sales process, not just at the end. John Rosso, author of Prospect the Sandler Way, talks about how to avoid sales calls that go nowhere or the dreaded think-it-over at the end.

In this special episode, we take a listen into a live role play with David Sandler, the founder of Sandler Training. The recording took place in the early 1990's but the lessons are still applicable today. Do you find yourself talking too much and solving prospect's problems without getting paid first? This episode will help you take control of the sales call and teach you how to deal with competitors.

How many times have you had a conversation with a customer thinking one thing was going to happen only to find your expectations were misread? Establishing a strong up-front contract with the other person on what is to happen next is a good way of initially defining expectations.

#1 “Most of my team’s most important prospects for new business are on vacation during the summer months.”

Networking events are increasingly becoming a forum of reciprocity. Sales people that enter a networking event or trade show looking to introduce themselves to as many people as possible and gather a fist full of business cards tend to stick out. They also find it difficult to generate business because they aren’t making any true connections to the people at the event.

Learning how to communicate more effectively with people who have different communication styles than you do will lead you to more prospects, more productive discussions, and more sales.

Chris joins us to talk about how to hold your team accountable and how to demand excellence from yourself and others. What does it mean to set a high bar, and how to do you pull it off without upsetting your team